Air Conditioning & Heating

No matter if you are driving two miles or driving 100 miles. Being comfortable in all of the elements is still very important. Let us take a look at you Air Conditioning and Heat.


$85.99 for parts and labor
(for most vehicles)

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A/C & Heating Services

If your A/C is not blowing cool then it is important to check it for leaks in the system. But It is important too have it looked at before it causes damage to the other important parts in your system.

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System Recharge

Consists of recovering the contents of the A/C system and checking for leaks. We start with the recovered amount of refrigerant and compare it to the proper fill amount. Significant loss can indicate a leak in the system. Once leaks are tested and/or repaired we vacuum the A/C system extensively to remove moisture from the system. After the system has been through the vacuum procedure we recharge the system to the proper specification and check for proper operation.

System Diagnosis

Diagnostic procedures vary dependent on issues presented, our company has the most modern and up to date equipment to ensure your vehicle will get repaired right the first time

Heating System Services

Heater Core Flushes & Replacement
Blower Motor Cleaning & Replacement
Blend Door Repairs
Heater Controls
Cabin Filter Replacement

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